A Letter for EJ

5:04:00 PM

Dear EJ,

Looking back 5 years ago, many things happened.. We finished our college degree at the same school and you are always there for me all the time.

Thanks at New Era High School I met you. Heheh. Even though we became classmates only at second year high school you spent much of your time with me.

I know we've been more than 7 years as friends, but as soon as I saw you, I knew that you were "the one".

We dated throughout our college years in TUP. We all had so much fun together in college. I have my letters and pictures to prove it...from OJT to fieldtrips and everything in between.

We graduated in March 2009 and you first got a job. It was important to me that we not get married right out of college. I wanted to live with my family and help them.Thank you and you respect that.

I just wish that all our dreams in life will come true someday in Gods perfect time. I can tell you (and I do) that you are the only one I want to be with...as long as I live.

You're my best friend.
You're my boyfriend.
You're my biggest fan.
You're my world.
You're my problem-solver.

And, you are exactly what "home" feels like. I feels very comfortable with you.

We've also had our share of hard times, from the time that I resigned and you resigned...all events in our life together that I , honestly, would not have survived if it wasn't for you.

Just your presence and I know everything will be ok. Just knowing you're here, with me, makes everything all right.

I love you. Happy 5th Anniversary :)


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