Don't Look Into My Eyes

11:00:00 AM

Don't tell me that you love me, don't look into my eyes.

You have this power over me almost seeing through my disguise. 

Don't take my hand in yours, d
on't sweetly kiss my lips, 
Don't let me put my arms around you, don't place your hands on my hips. 

Please don't lay so closely, d
on't brush your fingers through my hair.
You've almost got me believing, that you are always goin to be there. 

Please don't touch me like you do, d
on't look at me in that way,
I fear someday you'll leave me, but silently and so desperately pray that you stay. 

Don't tell me that im pretty, don't whisper in my ear.
Don't try to understand me, don't show me how much you care.

Please dont say you need me, don't make me need you too.
Dont look into my eyes, don't make me fall in love with YOU.

© 2008 By: Madonna King

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