Medical Exam at Commonwealth

5:11:00 PM

Thanks God! We just received our medical result for HIV test and Chest X-Ray. We are soo happy that nurses were very hospitable in assisting us.

We took our HIV test at Medical Center, Commonwealth and X-Ray at Jurong East.

It was Wednesday last week when we had our medical check-up with Dr. Gwee-Shoung Yee Rachel, she was beautiful and very calm, she advised me to closed my eyes and turn my face to the right, maybe she feels that I'm getting nervous that time and Oh!! Finished! :)

The next day was X-Ray day, we went to Jurong East to complete our medical exam requirements for work pass. We almost lost, it tooks time to searched the laboratory at Jurong East. Wew! We feel surprised when the medtech speak in tagalog. :) 3 days before we received our Medical result.

More luck tomorrow. We will go to MOM :)

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