99 Facts Guys Should Know About Girls

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1. Girls don't always know what they want.
2. When girls look at guys and just smile, they like you.
3. Girls always think that they could look better, so guys should inform them of their beauty.
4. Girls joke with the guys they like a lot.
5. Girls try to hint at what they want from guys, they don't like to say it.
6. A guys girlfriend wants to be the only hand that he wants to hold.
7. If girls flirt with their guy friends in front of their boyfriends, it usually doesn't mean anything except that they've been friends with that guy longer then you have been their boyfriend. Don't get offended.
8. If a girl wants to meet a guys family, let them. It means they care.
9. When a girl will ditch her friends to hang out with a guy, its a big deal.
10. Girls don't like to like guys that aren't over their ex-girlfriends.
11. Girls don't like to talk about ex's.
12. If you call a girl "Hot" it doesn't mean anything.
13. When a girl doesn't feel good, she doesn't talk much.
14. If a girl is mad at her boyfriend, she doesn't want to say anything about it, she just wishes he'd know.
15. When girls don't want to talk about their ex-boyfriend, shes probably not completely over him.
16. If a girl will sit by her boyfriend's friends, she really cares about him.
17. If a girl says she likes a guy, she does.
18. All a girl wants is to be loved.
19. Girls love to cuddle!
20. If a girl will be a guys girlfriend, she really likes him.
21. All girls flirt, some don't mean it.
22. Most girls will be just like their moms, even if they don't want to.
23. The girl who will hug her boyfriend in front of a group of good looking guys is a keeper.
24. If a girl likes a certain item of clothing that her boyfriend wears, he should wear it more.
25. When girls write guys notes, that guy should keep them.
26. If a guy remembers something important to a girl that she said and he brings it up later, it makes that girls feel special.
27. Girls want a guy to prove that there not all the same.
28. If a girl admits that she misses a guy, she really does.
29. Girls hesitate to fall in love because they always assume they'll get hurt. Prove to your girl you won't hurt her.
30. If a girl is real, when a guy gives her the key to his heart, she won't drop it down the drain.
31. Girls love it when guys say sweet things in front of their friends, but understand if they don't.
32. If a girl tells a guy she was talking about him with her friends, its always about something good.
33. When you feel a girl smile while shes kissing a guy, it means shes thinking about how great he is.
34. Sometimes, girls test guys to see how they'll react.
35. If a guy knows a girl isn't over her ex-boyfriend, don't call her out on it, show her how much better you are.
36. When a girl cries in front of her boyfriend, she loves him.
37. Girls like to play with guys hair.
38. If a girl really wants to be with a guy, she'll make sure it happens.
39. Girls will defend the guy they're with to anyone.
40. If a girl is still in love with someone else, they will never say anything bad about them.
41. When a girl slow dances with her boyfriend in the kitchen, with no music on, thats when he knows shes in love with him.
42. Guys: if you see your girl looking at you from across the room, she can't stop thinking about you.
43. Girls are tricky.
44. Girls are more observant then guys think.
45. When a girl remembers the smell of a certain guy, she likes him.
46. When you meet your girlfriends mom and she says shes heard a lot about you, trust her.
47. If you notice that a girl smiles the second she sees a guy, thats when the guy should know that shes crazy about him.
48. If a girl lays her head on her guys chest and just listens to his heartbeat, she listening to see if it will tell her what hes thinking.
49. When a girl says she cares, its true.
50. Girls think too much.
51. When girls say nothing is wrong, shes lieing. Everything is wrong.
52. If a girl's heart has been shattered, she'll be hesitant to talk about her problems to a guy at first.
53. Guys have to make girls trust them before a girl will.
54. If a girl dumps a guy because she thinks she can't make him happiest, that's love.
55. Girls hate guys who use girls.
56. Girls think that the nicest thing a guy can do is call her beautiful instead of "hot".
57. Girls love it when guys say they love something about them, like their smile.
58. Many girls are spontaneous. Treasure them.
59. If a guy thinks his girlfriend is always fun to be with, she thinks the same about him.
60. Don't assume things about girls.
61. If a girl wants you to be with her, you'll know it.
62. If you break a girls heart, she'll never be the same.
63. When a girl holds a guys hand, she never wants to let it go.
64. Never underestimate the feelings a girl has for her boyfriend.
65. If a girl really loves you, she won't be able to see anything bad about you.
66. Girls are super vulnerable.
67. If a girl thinks you'll judge her for something, she'll never open up to you fully.
68. When a girl tells you about things she loves, like staring at stars or listening to the rain, shes falling for you.
69. Girls adore guys who don't only think about sex.
70. It hurts girls to dump guys.
71. If a girl really cares about a guy, you can see it in her eyes.
72. Girls can flirt with every guy around, but at the end of the day, she'll be watching the sun set with the one she truly loves.
73. If a girl tells you a secret, don't ever let it go.
74. When girls hear about their boyfriend bragging about the little things, like watching tv together, it makes them appreciate him more.
75. Girls hate it when guys ignore them.
76. Girls never touch guys by accident.
77. If she says she loves you, its true.
78. When a girl asks a guy what their thinking, they really do care.
79. Some girls think that acting dumb will get guys to like them. Those girls are sluts.
80. If a girl plays with her hair a lot around a guy, he makes her nervous!
81. When a girl seems confident about something, shes really terrified.
82. Girls hate it when their guy friends make fun of their boyfriend.
83. Don't cheat on your girlfriend. She'll never forget it.
84. No matter how calm, cool, and collected a girl may seem, on the inside shes probably scared, nervous, and unsure.
85. If a girl hates someone, her boyfriend should probably not talk to them.
86. A good way to make a girl mad is not trust her when shes being honest.
87. Most girls only cry when there is a good reason.
88. Don't say "your crabby" to a girl.
89. Girls love to watch the sun set.
90. Treat your girl right, or someone else will.
91. If a girl laughs at a guys every joke, she likes him.
92. Girls have bad days too.
93. Girls know when a guy is lieing.
94. Girls are way too forgiving. Don't take advantage of it.
95. If a girl says your important to her, its true.
96. When girls hold their boyfriends tight, they never want to let that moment go.
97. Girls remember little things the most.
98. When a girl is being serious, listen to her.
99. Girls love it when guys don't always want to make out. Sometimes just holding her hand and going on a walk means the most.


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