[Wedding Preparation Story] Choosing the Venue Dilemma

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We’ve been engaged for one year plus before we started planning our wedding. We attended Bridal Caravan in SG last August 2015 but we didn't get much details, we only gather fliers for review. Same month last year, I was hospitalized but overall 2015 was a blessing. All the things we’ve been through made us stronger. Hope for the best and with God, all things are possible.

For this post, I summarized the dilemma we encounter during the first part in planning our wedding. We had a long story for choosing the venue as it links to the distance from the church, accredited caterer, corkages fees, alloted budget and other essentials.

Our church will be at the Santuario de San Vicente de Paul, we didn’t look for any other church. We fall in love with this church simplicity, minimalist design and open space, its aisle is not that long walk, it’s altar plain and clean. Plus, it is very close to our home. It is located in the busy street of Tandang Sora, you may not notice this church at first glance because it was covered by hollow blocks but you can see outside it reads St. Vincent Seminary.

It has very spacious parking and the facade of the church is picturesque with outside staircase. We just found out that Pangako Sayo teleserye remake filmed their wedding in this church, it's teaser video is beautiful.

Wedding Venue
Picking wedding venue for us is a big deal as we are overseas. We don’t have the luxury of time to check all the possible venues near the area to feel the ambience, space, etc. Before going back to Philippines last February, we already listed our plans to just compare two venue which is the Bulwagan ng San Vicente and the Gazebo Royale.

The church have it’s own Veranda, it’s nice spacious and clean too. It is air-conditioned, have toilet seperated for boys and girls, it is okay with me but we looked for other venue and found one at Rona’s Garden compound.

Gazebo Royale, it is very near our church, everything is perfect. It is a garden venue with ample parking and spacious rooms. We had time together with our family to check the venue. I can imagine everything will be beautiful, 5 minutes distance from the church, it's amazing.

Rates for the Champagne Hall:
400 Guaranteed guests
Rates for the Phoenix Avenue:
200 Guaranteed guests
WEEKDAYS (Monday-Thursday)
AM slot (between 8am and 2pm)
Php 80,000.00
PM slot (between 5pm and 12mn)
Php 90,000.00

WEEKENDS (Friday-Sunday) AM slot (between 8am and 2pm)
Php 85,000.00
PM slot (between 5pm and 12mn)
Php 98,500.00    
WEEKDAYS (Mondays-Thursdays)
AM slot (between 8am and 2pm)
PM slot (between 5pm and 12mn)

WEEKENDS  (Friday-Sunday)
AM slot (between 8am and 2pm)
PM slot (between 5pm and 12mn)
*Rates quoted are for 5-hour use of the venue.
A 50% down payment is required upon booking and is on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please note that WEEKEND RATES are applied for the whole month of December being a peak month.

Below are the real pictures we took during the ocular.

They have two big venues, Phoenix Avenue that can accommodate minimum of 100-150 guest and Champagne Hall up to 300 guest. We just thought if ever there will be two events at the same time there will be lot of people sharing the space and the toilet. Although, for the toilet they have separated rooms for the boys and girls, the noise comes from the sound system can overlap too.

We are looking forward to gather maximum of 150 guest composed of our dearest family and closest friends, we wanted the Phoenix Avenue because it is air-conditioned and glass garden type room. Although, it's bridal room is smaller than the Champagne bridal room it's still okay.

Looking at it, there might be a possibility that the walking area maybe tight or lesser space depends on the layout plus the catering space. We are lucky when we ocular for the second time, Ms Bheng of Eloquente Catering accommodate us and she let us see the actual set-up for Phoenix Avenue.

We contacted Eloquente Catering because they are accredited to the venue plus they offer a package with the venue.

When we are still deciding whether to book the Phoenix Avenue or the Champagne Hall, we received a message from Gazebo Royale staff that there’s other people wanted to book the place. We delayed our response and didn't took immediate action to book them. The next day, they messaged us that Phoenix has been booked by other couple.

We really like the place, both our Mother enjoyed the ocular we did. They were visualizing happily with me as well. Then, we decided to consider the Champagne Hall, it has spacious photogenic bridal room, stairways, very spacious area but cons for us is because it was open space and we think that we will over rent the space if we will only have 150 guest and the possibility of the noise as there's ongoing event in the other venue as well, I don't want to end guest are shouting to each other to hear them.

Looking for other possible venues
Sa caterer wala kaming masyadong problema as long as matagal na sa industry, subok na na masarap, accredited ng venue at kayang magdeliver. Kaya una muna naming hinahanap ang venue, then we will start from there.

When were in QC, we visited Timog everytime, there’s lot of hotels, restaurants, etc. and we thought of getting our hotel for preparation there. Dahil sa dun nadin yung hotel, naisip namin na magcheck ng venue. And we found 55 Events Place, after naming timbanging ang 55 Events Place vs Gazebo Royale we chose it.

We decided to book it immediately. Our reason for booking, natakot kaming baka maunahan ulit ng venue (this was our big mistake). Hindi namin na-ocular ang place, we just found them online, check online, pictures, actual location in Google Map, etc. I dropped them an email and arrange them that our family will ocular the place. We asked help from our family to check if the venue exist, it’s amenities and reserved the date with Php 10, 000.

55 Events Place Whole Ballroom (max 250 pax)
Php 80,000
  • Use of courtesy room, lobby and garden
  • Basic Sound System
  • Use of Stage
  • Use of Lighted Backdrop
  • Choice of: Widescreen and Projector (or) Red Carpet
Actual pictures below sent to us from Sarah.

We finalized again everything, kinalimutan na namin si Champagne Hall and we move on. We have 55 Events Place, their December rate is Php 80,000 for the whole ballroom. Our worries for some cons in Champagne Hall was solved. Two months, after the reservation we need to pay 50%. downpayment.

Next important thing is the caterer, KbyCunanan is one of their accredited caterer, my colleague recommended it to us na masarap, sobrang sarap and checking with the reviews online we get excited to have them as well. Sakto they send me an email that they are joining  FEB. 19,20 AND 21,2016 Bridal Fair at SM Megamall, I asked help from my sister to booked KbyC and get freebies.

Venue + Caterer = Done!

Just when we thought everything is okay already. We have a venue entire ballroom and the caterer. After a month and half, before paying 55 Events Place again for the 50%, we begin to search more recent updates from them. I asked their official page to read some feedbacks and reviews, for some reason, we cannot see their Facebook fanpage here in Singapore, we don’t know why it's restricted. They have very few actual bride reviews, we think the place from online perspective is more for corporate events, parties or birthday and debuts celebrations.

Pros Cons

  • Air conditioned
  • Accredited with KbyC Whole Ballroom
  • Small garden (good for smoking area)

  • Limited parking space
  • Medyo traffic papunta sa lugar if fall in December
  • Plain high ceiling room Ballroom,
  • VIP lounge is just okay nothing special
  • Need to install drapes

Then, binalikan ulit namin ang Gazebo Royale. The Champagne Hall is still available. We are ready to get the venue, but upon checking thoroughly via exchanging emails, we found out the cost will be more expensive.

Pros Cons

  • Super lapit sa church at sa bahay
  • Beautiful garden venue, use for prenup 
  • 5 hours use of venue 
  • Spacious parking
  • Powder room

  • Much more expensive, spacious for 150 guest only
  • KbyC not accredited 
  • Hindi aircon pero mahangin naman ang lugar, there's option to have it air-conditioned but need to top-up cost

We asked for the corkage fee and the details below.

Gazebo Royale Champagne Hall 98,500
+ December  rate 10,000
Total venue (not included 15K security deposit) 108,500
Corkage fee for not accredited caterer with security deposit of 15K 30,000

We need to prepare at least Php170,000, other corkage fees for Lights and Sounds, Photobooth etc. not included.

For 55 Events Place less gastos dahil accredited si KbyC but  some opinions, if gagastos nalang din lang ng 80K might as well look for other more lively and bright venue.

We tried to look for other venue again and we found The Elements at Centris, their December rate is 75K. The caterer KbyC is not accredited sa venue, requiring 30% of total contract bill.

Pros Cons

  • Mas malapit kesa kay 55 Events Place from the church
  • With ceiling drapes
  •  Air-conditioned
  • Spacious

  • KbyC not accredited
  • Not easily to locate for some guest
  • Pag weekday medyo mahirap magpark, the toilet not well maintained

We are getting confused, saan kami mag-vevenue. Further search lead me to Blueleaf Cosmopolitan in QC. We like the venue, very new, elegant and modern design, KbyCunanan is accredited caterer. Their package starts at Php 340,000, venue plus KbyC with other gifts like three-layered fondant cake, bridal car and photo booth.

If we will go with Gazebo Royale the venue + catering will reach around Php 300,000 but the convenience it gives very near to the church.

We're losing time, we received honest advices from dearest family and friends.

Finally, just in time, before we decide to go with 55 Events Place or not, we found the Felicidad Mansion in Roosevelt, and asked help again from our family to check their venue.

Nagustuhan ng parents namin ang Felicidad Mansion and it’s final. Nakakatuwa ang kwento nila sa amin, they are happy. Maluwag ang Paris and Venice hall nila. May gate at secure ang parking space. Medyo malapit pa din sa Tandang Sora at hindi mahirap ibyahe. Halos same price ng 55 Events Place kaya lang may corkage fee sila dahil hindi accredited si KbyCunanan.

Room Rates Capacity
January-November December
Paris and Venice 65,000.00 80,000.00 250 pax
Paris with Pool 45,000.00 60,000.00 150 pax
Venice 40,000.00 55,000.00 130 pax
Roma 6,000.00 6,000.00 50 pax
Florence 6,000.00 6,000.00 30 pax
Venue only package inclusions: 4 hours use of function room (exclusive of 2 hours use ingress and 2 hours for egress) Excess rate per hour shall apply. Basic sound system for public address and background music

Hanggang dito nalang muna ang naging journey namin in chosing and deciding our venue. Ang dami namin natutunan going through, you really need to plan and give time to check the venue and it's inclusions. If it will fit with your style, number of guest, theme, location wise, etc. And, if you found your desired venue still available don't delay if it's already you're the one.

We understand that the venue and caterer will eat big chunk of our budget because it's our top priority. But, w
ere glad with the help of our families checking the venue and giving their opinions we are finally settled.

All reviews written on this blog is based on honest experience and feedback from our family and friends.


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  1. This venue is not for those who on a budget but if you want a grand wedding this is highly recommended. I really love the venue, thanks for the review!

  2. This place is great for your events like wedding, birthdays, etc. Price is quite high but the place is perfect for big events. They have accredited caterings to offer like Hizon's Catering :)


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