55 MONTHS of Being In Love ♥♥♥

11:31:00 PM

Before I start, I would like to greet Mr. EJ Frias who made me feel sooo special today.

It was our 55 months of being in love.. and yet the feeling was still mutual. Still in love with him like high school lovers.

He makes me feel good when I'm bad. Hahah.. Loving him gives me hope :) It gives me strength. He always cheer me up every time I'm sad. Whenever I'm lonely he was always there for me even though I may not speak. He keep my heart alive with his every smile and hug me soo tight.. with his kiss I feel the warm of being special. With him alone I know I'm alive :)

I dedicate this blog him to show how much he mean to me - I love you jey.


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  1. hi honey glaiza ko.. happy monthsary ^_^
    loveusomuch hon :)


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