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6:11:00 PM

Please Pray for the following people

Donald S. Cancer
Barb T. Cancer

Year of the Priests

Please pray for all priests

Messages not previously released

10:20 PM

My child, I gave you life so that you may live in the world but not of the world. The world is My gift to mankind and I tell My children that each time you obey My Commandments, when mankind lives in harmony with his Creator, the earth responds and My creation only emanates beauty from every corner of the earth.

I tell you this My children that it is when My Commandments are broken, when wars rise up and man kills man and My little ones are aborted in the womb and the innocence of My young children is stripped away that darkness overtakes My creation. Its beauty is no longer seen.

My children each time you do marvelous deeds on earth you are bringing forth gifts to the altar in heaven and the choir of angels sings out in praise at the glory and honor you are bringing forth to your Heavenly Father. Heaven calls upon you My children for at your judgment the deeds which you have done will only bring forth higher merit in heaven.

Come to Me and do not become discouraged for I am the God of mercy. I suffered the crowning of thorns on earth in order to save man from his sins; and each time a soul is saved it only adds to My crown in heaven. Be at peace My children for today is a new day, a new beginning for your hearts to be softened, your souls to awaken to the truth and your will to accept a greater understanding of My love and mercy for I am Jesus the King of mercy and it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.


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