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I basically taught myself for everything when there's something new I really want. When I got my first real job as a Junior Web and Graphics Designer in Outsourcing City at Mandaluyong I didn't know more on web and graphics designing, I just know how to open Photoshop and play around.

Working at night shift has never been easy for me because I'm quiet scared travelling alone late at night but I need to meet the schedule working hours on California. Within six months working at night, I had learned designing microsites and layouting page templates for eBay. Coding one page layouts and email marketing templates was really an exciting task and with relative ease. Working at night keeps my determination and eagerness to learn more. No matter how much they curse me, but I love what I'm doing.

I experienced many trials and errors, CSS problems most specially. Why this elements can't be aligned and everything but without those CSS disasters, I wouldn't know a little what I know now. I’m sure they’ll be more, too. For me, solving the problem in CSS is what’s addictive.

I love web design, from planning, brainstorming, layouting, coding, debugging - I love what I do. I believe in work what you want to work and I'm definitely sure on my path. I always keep in mind let your passion drive you.

However, I wish I’d known about PHP and MySQL more. If I will be going to rate myself in PHP, my rate is 1. I just used it creating contact forms and PHP includes files for many pages for static sites and that's all. Good thing there's Wordpress for someone like me that can only read php codes but don't write codes, WP is probably the best way to go.

Last 2010, I enter freelancing because of not enough paid work, sigh** I'm being honest. It started when there's a friend of mine who referred me to create company website. The feeling that they trust my skills and capabilities is a big plus on my confidence. That's the start of my big love on creating websites in freelancing. In fact I would say that I get a bit obsessive about creating websites in small businesses that wants to have online presence on the web.

I also experienced Joomla handling clients from Netherland under and Wordpress recently. When I discovered jQuery as an amazing tool for front-end development, I felt the urge learn some JavaScript first but above all I'm still engaged in doing lot of Photoshop works.

When I was hired at 88DB Philippines, it becomes an eye opener for me to enter corporate world than just working freelance at home, 7 days a week. It gives me another opportunity to meet friends in a very nice working place, but it didn't stop me in creating freelance websites for businesses.

Freelancing granted me to know different kind of clients, to trust people. Through freelancing, I have meet a special friend who gave me opportunity to work outside the box and my boyfriend who become my mentor in proper coding. I am very thankful with every single opportunity crossed in my life.

Now I now live in Singapore lah, currently our company having difficulties in their management financially. I hope to stay and had modest goals for my life as a web designer. What important to me is working in a stable company, friendly environment and growth in career as well.

The whole point of writing this article was to share with you little things about me, that life is in fact, what you make of it. If you want to change, there really is nothing stopping you from doing so. Just growing up. 

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  1. You're right glaiz, money is not everything but it is a great deal to help other people and help your family with it. I trust that God will continue to bless you, He always has plans for us, so hang in there Glaiza. :)

    love you, muah!


  2. parang alam ko yung abckground nito ahh hehehe


  3. @Alex: Tama, money is one of our major motivation to work.. happy tayo if we pay correctly based dun sa needs natin to provide our expenses and help our families. Naisip ko nga wala naman yan sa laki or liit ng sweldo basta happy ka and me contentment dun sa salary.. :)

    Thanks Alex,

    *yep lex, yung background nito ung ginawa kong pangalawang circles for precious medina kaya lang mas type niyo ata ung naunang circles eh.. kaya ginamit ko nalang dito :D ang plain nga eh pero oks lang heheh :)


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