Bas Gamay Beside Bas Daku, Anda, Bohol

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I just want to share the beauty of Anda.

We never skipped to visit this place every time we are having a vacation at our dear province Guindulman, Bohol. The place is near to our hometown Guindulman and we simply ride a habal-habal or a motor to go to this beach. People say that Anda was a barrio of the municipality of Guindulman from the early part of its civilization.

This year we visited our favorite place in Anda named Bas Daku but it became a private property already. We don't want to travel far so we went to Bas Gamay just beside Bas Daku. Bas Daku means Big White Sands and Bas Gamay means Small White Sands.

Every May we have 4 birthday celebrants in the family, my two cousin, my uncle and my grand mother. May is the most awaited month for many of us who leave our hometown for work in the city and May is the only month that most of small barrios in our hometown celebrating fiestas.

Bas Gamay, Anda, Bohol

My siblings and cousins were all excited to go for swim. No guardian was around in the beach when we arrived. We just saw mini-hut and we putted our food there and enjoy the place.

From the view in Anda, you could actually sight the beautiful Island of Camiguin. We have some relatives living in Camiguin too.

Bas Gamay, Anda, Bohol

Playing into the white sands, running along the beach and sharing each others funny experienced we enjoyed it all at one place.

Bas Gamay, Anda, Bohol
Bas Gamay, Anda, Bohol

 I'm glad to the time that we shared and happiness felt missing each other. I love to capture photos of my grand parents, cousins and the beach.

I will always remember this day in my heart. I missed them always and a lot.

Location: Anda, Bohol

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  1. Hi Glaiza, as i'm loking to your picture,taken in anda with your family,i can feel,how you love this place,and me either i realy love anda,and if have a time,i would always love to visit Anda,ang ganda ganda kc talaga ng place na to,,,thank God for giving this wonderfull place,sana mag kabahay ako dyan hahahaha

  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment to Anda Bohol Ate Sallie :)


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