Filipino Graham Cake with Oreo Cookies Yummy

3:52:00 PM

This is why I love Sunday, sometimes we find new foods to eat but most often we prepare and cook the foods we miss to eat. Christmas most specially and New Year we always have Graham cake in our dining table to share and since we miss it very badly yesterday we went to Lucky Plaza to buy Graham honey crackers.

Ideally, we have the Graham honey crackers with Mangoes in every layer but this time since we don't have Mango we use Crushed Oreo Cookies.


1. Filling – In a bowl, combine the chilled all purpose cream and condensed milk
2. Layer -Put the Graham honey crackers and pour the cream and repeat process to make 2 or 3 layers, ending with the cream.
3. Top with crushed Oreo Cookies
4. Chill and Serve cold.

We still have Oreo cookies so we decided to create Oreo Shake and it taste good with Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and Milk.

EJ is using our blender crushing the Oreo cookies. We used Philip's blender. It's very simple and easy to use and has great crushing ability. Yay!

We make an Oreo Cookie ice blended with Hershey's chocolate syrup and milk for our merienda with Lucky Me Pancit Canton. 

We put the Graham container inside the fridge can't wait to eat it tonight. Yummy!

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  1. dami naman nyan gaw ang sarap ha ka ingit hehe may blender pa kau na talaga., ui gaw jey happy new yr sau

  2. Uu gaw may bumili kame ni EJ ng blender gaw kasi biniblender namin un Saging at Avocado gaw paminsan tapos ngayon gaw yung natira sa Oreo ginawa naming parang Shake gaw tapos nagluto na kame ng Pancit Canton gaw para hindi lahat matamis. :)


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