Jessica's 26th Birthday at Saveur

12:51:00 AM

The past couple of days has been one of my busiest week but still very thankful and  because of that I want to reward myself a short post here, it's  been a long long time since I write. This is a short post to say Happy Birthday Jessica and Thank you for the friendship, time and happy moments Jess, Emz, April, Ate Badith and EJ.

Jessica is one of my dearest classmate in secondary. I can't forget the day when we are in my fourth year high school she gave me a letter with anime picture and printed it in coloured. Whooa! That time I looked at it as expensive because I can only print in black and white hehe I kept it in my high school stuffs (if only I can take the photo).

She is sweet and thoughtful, my wish for her.. Tadan! May she find her Mr. Right . Currently, she is also an OFW here in Singapore. She lives with our friend Emz and April, most of the time I saw their post on Facebook together and it put smile on my face every time I see them. They are all loving, pretty and true friend. :)

After work we headed to Bugis Junction. We bought Blackforest Cake first at Four Leaves then we went to Purvis Street, Saveur Restaurant. We place a reservation and queue for more than an hour. So while we are waiting we are busy taking pictures for endless group selfie and short talk about investing.

We thought that after queuing outside the resto the food will be serve fast but we ended up wait a little bit longer.  So, to enjoy the night we keep on taking pictures yay! When the foods are served on our table I noticed that portions are small hehe so we order rice to full our stomach but overall we enjoyed our time at Saveur to celebrate Jessica's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

To Jessica, may God bless your more life, love life and wonderful life with abundance and blessings. Thank you so much for inviting us to your birthday celebration, we really enjoyed the company. And thank you for sharing your blessings, the time and for the memories we share.

Oopps, view our old pictures here

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