My 10 Tips and Advices For My Youngest Brother

12:28:00 AM

Tomorrow is the first day in uni of my youngest brother Oscar. He is taking BS Computer Science at Technological Institute of the Philippines - Quezon City. And because I'm far away I decided to write down some tips and advices for him and to all students out there.
  1. Wake up early, go to school early, leave early and sleep early
    Gumising ng maaga, pumasok sa eskwelahan ng maaga, umalis sa room ng maaga at matulog ng maaga ito ang una ko sa listahan because this is the start of the day. If you start your day early you can plan your day's schedule. This will also avoid you rushing on the streets to get jeepneys. Start your day with a thankful heart. Everyday is a blessing.
  2. Don't skip your meals, eat breakfast first
    Kumain sa tamang oras at pahalagahan ang agahan. Kapag ang estudyante ay nagmamadali na sa pagpasok sa eskwelahan minsan nagiging least priority ang pagkain sa umaga. Please change the habit and make it a priority to eat first your breakfast and don't skip your meals but don't practice overeating in school if you don't want to spend more time in the toilet.

    Drink water and avoid soda at all cost practice healthy living while you are young. Eat more vegetables and fruits to feed your mind.
  3. Make a list, write down your notes
    Ilista ang lahat ng mahahalagang tips and reminders sa iyong kwaderno or notebook. Importante ito dahil ito magiging guide mo to avoid things left undone. Always get your notepad and pen ready para pag may important tips or reminders ang mga professors ay maisulat mo agad.
  4. Check the announcement boards
    Some students might not pay attention to boards on schools but it's important to go out and check. Dito kasi nakapaskil ang mga mahahalagang annoucements, news and updates ng school. Kung minsan dito din nakapost un mga organizations and groups na available like yung mga dancers, singers, arts org etc. Find a group that will push your highest potential, yung mga skills and talents na tinatago mo ilabas mo sa school.
  5. Visit the school library
    When I was a student I love staying at the library if I have time not because the room was air-conditioned but because I was reading few notes that catches my attention.
  6. Raise your hands
    If you know the answer, raise your hands! Hindi masamang magtaas ng kamay or if mahiyain ka isang subject, isang beses. This will boost your confidence not just in school but if you know something there's no harm saying it. In attending seminars I noticed that those people who raised their hands get the rewards.
  7. Do your assignments first
    Bago ka magcomputer or mag-internet make sure you did your homework first para mas marami kang magawa the rest of the day. Kapag may mga questions ka use Google. Take note, Google is your bestfriend.
    Ask questions, if you don't understand, ask. Hindi masamang magtanong lalo na kung kumukuha ka ng impormasyon but of course don't ask silly questions haha :)
  8. Take a nap
    Kapag may mga problem solving at di mo masolve agad most especially un mga Math and logic subjects and you think na it consumed all your time na pero hindi mo parin talaga makuha ang sagot take a nap or rest ipahinga mo muna ung utak mo then balikan mo siya ulit makikita mo masasagutan mo na siya. :) Trust me. I'm not sure if this works for you but this works for me. Haha Sometimes if your mind have lots of things hindi ka makakapag-concentrate ng maayos but if nakapagcharge ka na ng brain madali mo nalang yan makukuha.
  9. Create a budget, save 1 peso a day
    At early stage make a budget everyday make sure that you know where your money goes and be a smart spender. 
  10. Surround yourself with good positive people
    Make sure you have friends that will help you, encourage you more in studies. Friends that values education and families.
Above all don't forget to PRAY and get an inspiration. Ito talaga ang naging sandata ko dati nun college. Prayers and inspiration because of EJ (my first boyfriend and up to now proud gf here ;) and to you my brother and sisters kila Mama our family.

Submit yourselves to God. Talk to Him, ask help, blessings, guidance and protection.

Don't give up if hindi mo pa naman nasusubukan and always believe na kaya mo yan. Sometimes life may be rocky or you may feel na ang hirap naman ng subject na to but if you keep your heads up you will see the sky or the stars or the moon then you will see your dreams. Problem solving one step at a time. 

Don't compare yourself to others do the best that you can be. Find and pursue your passion, don't limit yourself.

Junjun, I believe in you. I bless you and I pray for you. Thank you for reading mga payo ni Ate if so please comment bunso. I love you. Malayo man ako I want you to know that I'm always here and will always be for you and for the family. To share you what I have, to advice you, to give you tips everyday mag-sasawa ka sa mga text messages ko about positivity and goodness. I want to keep you all in God's amazing Grace.


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