Our First New Year in Singapore - Welcome 2012

7:28:00 PM

This was our first New Year's Eve together at Singapore. In the past 6 years of being in the relationship we spent New Year with families around us.

Spending New Year's Eve far away from our families and relatives and most especially far away from home was a new feeling. I kept telling myself, "walang iiyak". I cried a lot last night. Stop crying and missing home. So we keep ourselves busy this day. We need to act the same way to feel like home.

We both miss the Pinoy Style Spaghetti, every New Year we're craving for pasta and pancit for long life. Yesterday, we ate pancit at Kabayan's Restaurant Lucky Plaza thus this day we decided to cook spaghetti. We went at Lucky Plaza MJ Filipino Store to bought some ingredients. We spent $15.50 for the recipes, ground pork, onions, garlic, vegetable oil, pepper not included.

Afterwards, we go at Fairprice Supermarket. We are looking for round fruits. We bought fruits such as apple, green apple, israel sweetie grapefruit, dragonfruit, kiwi, oranges, lemon, mangosteen, pears, grapes and blueberries.

When we reached home, we clean the room first . Sweep and wipe the floor, do laundry and thrown unwanted rubbish.

This was our first attempt to cook Pinoy Style Spaghetti. First, I cooked Royal Spaghetti noodles according to my mama's instructions. Put iodized salt and oil in the water. In the sauced pan, put garlic, onions and cooking oil. Added ground pork and let it cook. We didn't have hotdog because we cant find Tender Juicy's hotdog at the store, I missed. Then, added tomato sauce, tomato paste, ketchup, small amount of hot water and fine pepper. We also added cheese and sugar to taste.

We let it taste by our housemate who's watching in the living room and he loves the taste. Hahah. So happy when he said, "masarap! salamat.". I prepared spaghetti and fried chicken in our table for dinner, had few photo shots and we eat yum yum! :)

We went at Marina for fireworks display. I made a wish while watching beautiful fireworks seen lively. I wish to spend my next Christmas and New Year's Eve with my family, wish to have good luck at work, sweet and kisses, good health and loads of fun. I call my mother and sisters many times, hearing their voices makes me feel home. After watching beautiful fireworks display, we greet everyone a "Happy New Year", then we ate again.

Some shots we have.

Thanks EJ, for always being there and not giving up on me. Thank you Mama, Gadz, Grace and Junun for sending me prayers and encouragement to work harder each day.  To all my agaw, ante ug uncle who's always there for me. Thank you to all my friends on Facebook for making time to message me, even on my busiest days. Thank you for my freelance colleague Alexis.

Thank you Singapore for adopting us and for giving us opportunity. Thank you so much 2011. Thanks God for helping me.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15


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