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SG Bridal Caravan 2016
Yesterday, EJ and I went to InterContinental Hotel to check SG Bridal Caravan 2016. We just had our last Pre-cana home session in Sembawang which ended at 2:30PM. Nicole, a friend whom I met in W@W group reminded me of the event, we arrived around 4:00PM.

We’ve got most of our major suppliers already. But, we just wanted to see and walk around to find out if there were things that we might have missed. Luckily, we still have free time in the afternoon.

Last year, we attended same Bridal Caravan in Grandpark Hotel. That’s our first time and I regret that we didn't take the chance to inquire as much as we could because we haven't started planning our wedding yet. A friend from Facebook shared the bridal fair event on her timeline and invited us to check. We don’t know what to prepare, we don’t have a list, we don’t know what to look for, we don’t know where and how to start  because we just got engaged last December. We felt it’s too early. That time, we don’t even have the final date for our wedding too!

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Time flies so fast.

The bridal caravan venue this year is spacious and very accessible. We felt that there are more suppliers this time compared to last year. I appreciated the fair so much now because of W@W Facebook group. For future brides, please check out W@W, you will find lots of reviews and support to help you plan your big day. Plus, you will meet new friends, willing to give their time and share their recommendations and feedback from their chosen supplier.

I met Nicole at the registration area. She’s very friendly and easy to get along with. Then we saw Mimma Benz, we took selfie and chitchat a little. :) There's  shyness, excitement and starstruck feeling when you personally met people you admire online.

Singapore Bridal Caravan 2016
With Mima Benz Rana of Weddings at Work
Singapore Bridal Caravan 2016
W@W December brides, Nicole and I. #selfie

Coming to a bridal fair like this is every brides and grooms privilege, an advantage to help you prepare and plan your big day, no matter what stage you are in the planning process. Lucky they also organize this event overseas.

If you have ideas or pictures of something you are looking for save them in your phone, suppliers will be happy to discuss it with you. 

We met Kaye of KbyCunanan, she’s very helpful, calm and beautiful.  She shares a list of what we need to prepare for our food tasting. We haven't had a FT with them yet, so we will have the initial and final food tasting this coming October.

Ms Joy San Gabriel was there too and offered us free tastes of their different kinds of cakes. All are delicious and we liked it. We asked Ms Joy to be our supplier but she can't cater us on our wedding date, so sayang. 

There are lots of things to check if you are just starting to prepare your wedding. A lot of good and possible suppliers, it’s kind of overwhelming - but exciting too.

Not only it is so convenient to meet lots of suppliers all in one place, but it also gives the couple the opportunity to see what's hot in the wedding industry that you might have not thought of or even considered. 

Some things we wish we knew first before attending bridal fair and planning our wedding.

  • Check the event and the list of the exhibitors
  • Review the suppliers with your fiancé
  • Get at least your top 3 suppliers to compare prices, inclusions, etc.
  • Have an idea of what you want
  • Do your budget
  • Get all of the information that you need to make decisions wisely
  • And, if you have the ‘this is it feeling’ book them in the fair to get discounts and freebies
  • Be excited, trust your chosen supplier
Singapore Bridal Caravan 2016
Bumped into my high school classmate, Yanyan, she's planning her wedding for next year. 

If you find the supplier you think you'll love to work with and they are still available on your wedding date, talk to them and be prepared to book them on the spot :) HMUA, Photographer, Videographer, Venue, Caterers, etc. especially, they might offer you a good discount.

Thank you Bridal Caravan organizers and exhibitors for your hard work to give us the opportunity to check and meet the list of best wedding suppliers in the Philippines.

So excited to read this "The W@W Wedding Primer 2015-2016 Edition" book. Ang sarap magbasa!

I'm very thankful.


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