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11 Years Together

We were classmates in second year high school. We are friends. If there was no class EJ will tease me with other guy and I will tease him with other girl.

On the third year, I was moved to the first section, he remained in second section but we still have constant communication. I heard from our friends that he has a crush on me but he never told me personally. He’s just always there for me, haha!

Until when we graduated from high school, we went to the same university. We were Iskolar ng Bayan that time and every end of the semester, we will compute our average grades and the one who got highest grades will have free lunch or dinner in KFC or Chowking. But even if, EJ always treats me. <3>

Four years walking by each other we graduated college. EJ started working already. Four months after graduation before I get a job. Together, there are series of ups and downs, challenges and trials, happiness and excitements.

I remember, I blame him why there is no bus going to Ortigas and were stuck in Tandang Sora and were late at work and I don’t want to talk to him, until now we laugh every time we remember it. Even though we argue a bit, had some miscommunication, we don’t really fight and hit each other.

We have incompatibilities, arguments, we forgive and move on, we’re not perfect but we chose to stick together when things get rough, build trust, friendship and love despite of and our relationship grows stronger.

We worked for 1 year and half in Manila before we tried better opportunity working in Singapore. We supported our family and didn’t notice we enjoyed almost five years living together. When I asked him, why he proposed that time he told me he loved me so much and felt his ready.

Now, as we are getting married, we talked a lot about the future and plans and life. Tomorrow will be our 11 years together. I created an anniversary slideshow here, compilation of some of our favorite photos. I wanted to add captions but did this quick. I just added some short video clips and the song I love "No Matter Where You Are" by Us the Duo.

Planning a wedding overseas is stressful but we learned a lot at the same time. Managing the guest list is the most crucial, we are tempted to throw everyone we know on our guest list, but we couldn’t make it possible as it will be additional cost. We wanted a wedding where we can still talked with our family and friends. Four hours’ time in the reception is very short for us to meet them all. But, overall, we are grateful and we thanked God every day for all the blessings, love and support and we received.

And today, our website is up! We worked together to finished it as we will use this as a tool to help our guests have all that info at a click of a mouse.

Website Goal
We will send the link privately to our family and friends that in our top list before we will share the site publicly on Facebook. We will message them as we wanted them to know first and RSVP through our website. As much as we want to invite everyone, we can only cater for certain number of guests, and if we can't manage our guest list the more expensive our wedding will turn out.

This will simplify our task and will make it easy for us to keep track of them to get their contact number as our coordinator My Events Essentials requires it to manage and remind them.

We still have lot of things to do, we are not done yet in finalizing our suppliers. We need to connect possible suppliers and get in touch with them. But, were happy that this website is running. Our second DIY, our first diy was our invitation. We sent it to Neonovelties already and we asked them for suggestions on printing, map and layout.

Thank you for dropping by, keep commenting! we’d love to hear from you. :) Don’t hesitate to conversate! We love reading comments. :)

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  1. Such a lovely couple. I wish you the best mga agaw. May God be with you always and be the center of your relationship. May He shower blessings to you.

    1. Thank you Gaw Jenice for taking time to visit this post and for wishing us well. Amping always gaw and looking forward seeing you.


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