Our Pre-Cana Experience

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Last Sunday, we had our Graduation Day at the Catholic Junior College. We've finally come to the moment we've all been looking forward to. We were very thankful and blessed that with all the activities made to complete the 6 weeks journey -  we have made an effort to be punctual, meet new friends and learned a lot.

In each exercise, we have been given time to write and express ourselves to our partner, share our thoughts and feelings and practice positive affirmations. We have some fun doing the activities. It gives us the opportunity to stop, be present with each other, and look deeper into marriage instead of just planning our wedding day.

The group sharing is wonderful, we may have some differences, our group consist of Catholic and non-Catholic friends, sharing opinions depends on each other's background and culture but everyone is open and our course facilitator Steve & Louisa were a very good listener and gentle loving couple.

We have learned love as a decision and not as a feeling. Feelings come and go but love that is chosen, love that is a decision is a committed love. Pledging myself to my partner that in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, I am committed and will love him unconditionally.

The MPC help us a lot to reflect heart-to-heart how to grow healthy marriage relationship. By sticking with each other, keeping each other as our first priority, listening for love, willingness to work on our relationship, by practicing loving communication and revealing ourselves to be open in marriage and much more.

This past week we have grown together. We recognise the need to trust, to focus on changing yourself rather than your partner, speaking gently and work together to resolve conflicts, listen and do the act of reconciliation by showing thankfulness and forgiveness with each other.

Characteristics of Marital Love
Come FREELY to this union, give yourself TOTALLY for better or for worse, be FAITHFUL till death and FRUITFUL to pledge to have the children that God blesses you with.

Two elements of Forgiveness
  1. Reconciliation - We are hurt and distant from each other. We need to get together, share and discuss.
  2. Healing - Disappearance of guilt feelings, mistrust and hurt. This is replaced by feelings of inner peace, joy and greater love

Week 1: Difference between Man & Woman
Decision to love
Week 2: Communication in Marriage
Faithfulness & Decision Making
Week 3: God & Sex - The nuptial meaning of the body
Sanctity of life / Abortion
Natural Family Planning
Week 4: Sacrament of Matrimony
Covenant of Marriage
Marriage as a vocation
Week 5: Divorce
Three major areas of conflict: Religious differences, In-laws, Career vs Children
Week 6: Breastfeeding
Graduation Day

Overall, it was a great experience to prepare as we enter married life. We got to learn and hear stories from married and engaged couples. Good marriages don't just happen. Relationship and love need constant decision to love and sacrifice and putting God in the center of our relationship.

It was a good way to reflect and understand that receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony is not just for formalities but accepting marriage as a vocation.

We both really enjoyed our Pre-Cana session and for OFW couple in Singapore who are considering doing it here, I’d highly suggest it. It brings up all kinds of questions and issues that couples might not have been through before, things that all couples should probably address prior to getting married.

Although, our pre-cana took us 6 weeks, the sessions are longer than back home, we were very thankful we sign up and that we were able to get through and open up some valuable lessons we didn't imagine before.


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