Design: Logo Re-creation Layout

2:50:00 PM

In my spare time, I always open my Photoshop and Illustrator to create and layout everything that comes to my mind.

Today, I made logo layouting for Goblet. On the rightside of the Illustrator screen was their current logo grabbed from their own website source and on the left was the black version I made. They say that  it is very important for a logo to look good in black and white so I made its black version.

Guessing what font's used was always like a game for me, I found out that their current logo used Monotype Cursiva and Times New Roman. I adjust a little of text spacing to look the text more compact.

Below was my created proposed design for Goblet, it might not be approved because the client didn't have request to re-create their logo. I just want to spent time with it. :) 

I like to see the work first in black and white to ensure that the logo will look good in its simplest form.  The bold script fonts used on the logo adds different meaning, for me it means "masarap ang mga pagkain, palaging fresh from the chef -Goblet"

Overall, for me the logo should be look neat, clean and simple. Logo plays an important role for the businesses. It represents branding and the first impression for the potential customers. Logo should also have uniformity in the website, letterhead, business cards and prints.

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