Photographiya As A Hobby

12:04:00 PM

When does the time photography becomes a hobby?

  • When you enjoy taking photos and share it online
  • When you love to view others photographs
  • When you are learning by example and loves getting feedback
  • When you have so many photos and saved on your external hard drive to back them up 
  • When you spend lot of time watching tutorials and reviews about lenses and cameras 
  • When you know how to manipulate camera controls 
  • When whenever you have a great shot it makes you smile

The above listed where some characters I noticed with my boyfriend. It takes 2 years before he got his own camera Canon EOS 60D. He read and watched reviews a lot, viewing experts advice on Youtube and watch demo on Vimeo. Visit Funnan to walk around to see camera's and lens price. 

I think if you really love something you will spend time for it and I'm proud for his willingness to learn. Now, he was enjoying his 3 months old Canon camera and I saw a lot of improvement in his shots, from his first shots up to his 100. I do also want to learn, I think I need to buy camera too. :) We are just getting started with photography as a hobby and looking forward to learn more. You can visit EJ Frias flickr account @flickr/ejfrias

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  1. wow! :) galing niyo ni EJ :) God bless you both :) ~> Wilmz

  2. Superb shot on the last pic.. Keep shooting.. :)


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